The Kunama is a minority ethnic-group living in the western part of Eritrea.This page exposes the unjust and discriminatory activities of the Eritrean government. It also participates in the political dialogues in Eritrea.

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"It is the year 2020 and concerning the issue of the Kunama Land has not been resolved; The present situation in the Kunama land does not appear to be any different from the past 25 years.
It is common practice of the current Eritrean government to settle a non-Kunama individual into the Kunama Land, to invade, illegally occupy, buy and sell it. We have been fighting for our rights and our land and still fighting to work and live peacefully in our own land.
Even at the moment when the world is fighting to control the covid-19 virus the Current Eritrean government is weaponizing the Covid -19 disease and uses it against the defenceless Kunama people.  
Recently, about 7 thousand Eritreans (not verified) deported from various parts of the world, where resettled in the Gash Bark area and, in the Kunama land in particular, without the consent or warning the local inhabitants. These people were not tested for the Covid-19 in order to be isolated and give them the necessary care they deserve. Mind you the deported people are mostly from the Kebesa region and they do have families and a place to go to, but the government decide to settle them in the Kunama land.
This shows that the government does not value the lives and well-being of the defenceless Kunama People. The most current medical equipment’s and doctors all reside in the main city, mainly Asmara. There are no adequate medical equipment’s or personnel in the Kunama Land, and so why would one settle the sickly people who need the most help are put in areas far away from the city?
The Kunama people cannot and will not allow outnumbering and making alien in their own native and ancestral homeland by the PFDJ's regime of Ato Isaias Afwerki.
This practice of resettlement  will not be everlasting to continue implementing, trying to implement , developing and defending its resettlement programs, but also to the regime's administrators, officials and supporters, operating today in the Kunama Land, as well as to the settlers themselves that, though many of them may have been and may be unwillingly, but yet forced to resettle in the Kunama Land, their principles, practices and their permanence there will only be temporary and not definitive.
No matter therefore, how strongly, how often and how long, the PFDJ's regime and its operatives may be declaring and claiming “Kunama Land to belong to the government,” the Kunama Land is “ the Land and the absolute and undisputed property of the Kunama people.” 
We hope and pray that the Covid-19 does not spread and compromise the lives of the inhabitants of the Kunama Land which has been free of the Covid-19.
We will be following the situations and report and take action if needed to save our people, family members from the systematic ethnic cleansing the government has been trying for the past two decades.
We also would like other concerned Eritreans to join us and make our voices heard. The Kunama Lives Matter (KLM) as well. An injustice to the Kunama people should be viewed as injustice to all Eritreans. When we all work together is when we will see peace and see our country grow the way we imagine it to be."
The Voice of Kunama People (VKP July 03, 2020)

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