The Kunama is a minority ethnic-group living in the western part of Eritrea.This page exposes the unjust and discriminatory activities of the Eritrean government. It also participates in the political dialogues in Eritrea.

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January 04 2003 The blood of our brave fighters, has generated thousand other, fighters who have taken up their arms


Abachachingnga iddire kokoba armia naumma iddira alufe kishike“

January 4. 2003.

By writing and posting, such kinds of enticing articles, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, for almost 20 years, has been luring many young Kunama and sending them to the battle fields, to sacrifice their life, very uselessly.

This article, in Kunama language, that we are going to translate into English, does clearly prove our point that, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, has been cheating many young

Kunama and very many Kunama people that, what he had defined as “Kunama koibisha bacha“, (the Struggle for Kunama Liberation)was only a camouflage of his own struggle for survival. As a matter of fact, according to his own assertion in an interview, he does not care much

about the Kunama people, but, on the other hand, he pretends to be dedicated to the Kunama case. By, unscrupulously, inviting,, those many and innocent young Kunama, to the battle-fields, he eventually, cheats them, by exposing them to be killed, by an enemy who cares less for other people’s life.

This article, therefore, is one of many other similar articles, containing such language, which,

Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar writes to attract those Kunama youths.


Kunama agara baddiala dus gosuma haidoakin kobesale kishama kishaia, Kunma agara kobesiasi ainiabu fes kibachimokaladea“.


For the Kunama people, to liberate themselves from the difficulty, befallen them, is only when they themselves raise up and fight.


According to the saying “force begets force“, the beginning of the Kunama people’s armed struggle, initially, should have been seen and taken as a momentary event which should have eventually led to discussions and dialogues with the regime forces and come to a final conclusion, but after the death of the struggle founders, the late Mr. Chachu Weldesillase and the late Mr. Alexander Matuk, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, came along, uninvited, and took up the leadership of the movement, changing completely the prime aim of its prime founders, and, accordingly, changing also its initial name of “KUKODISU“, meaning, simply “Kunama Koibisha Dimokrasia Sungada, (Kunama Liberation Democratic Movement), into a sophisticated and more complicated meaning of “Er-kukodisu“, (Eritrea Kunama Koibisha Dimokrasia Sungada), thus, excluding all of us: European Kunama, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, American, Australian, Canadian, Ethiopian and Sudanis Kunama. Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, did, all this, in order to safeguard his main intention of making of the movement, a sole servant of its own political and financial interests.

For all these years, (now almost 20 years), he has been struggling for his own survival



Kosherella ka kisha kishamokoabbuna, laga kisha kishamokoabbuna, kinitena gudurattabu komus kobingki baddiala assariba sana tillamma kallale kishaia, oina majioa kitalalinasiddabu fes kibachina haka udumala kinake“.


An ethnic-group, for the simple fact of being a human being, being the native of the land and claim for the rights, due to it, which are forcefully prevented and being subjected to evil-deeds, it has full right to raise up and fight, in order to reach to obtain those rights.


As said before, had he been honest enough, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, should have foreseen, that, an armed struggle would have taken many years and consumed a lot of lives, as proven by the Ertitreans’ 30- year-armed struggle for their independence.


Kunama agara, nna baddala derngad kaloma, ka kisha majana, laga koshita

kishamokoabbu kinitenadada majoae dauskedokoadittia, Eritreala koshera kallabu ontimme. Nna .damanenabbu majia talaloana, angkatiana gongnges kikanasi suluba koueki bila kisha kibachinasi kasbata kishake“


The Kunama people, as we have been considering above, besides being denied of human rights and the rights, as a native of the land, in Eritrea, it is not even seen as an ethnic-group. Due to such condition, it is forced to take up arms and fight, in order to safeguard its rights and its honor.


Considering, of not being able to understand, clearly, whether “in Eritrea, the Kunama people are not seen as an ethnic-group, (Eritrean), by some or by all other Eritrean ethnic-groups, or only by the EPDJ’s regime, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, should be brave enough to identify very clearly, who those Eritreans are, who mostly and very often, try to deny the Eritreanity of the Kunama people.

Dumiana, ikkena Text:

Hira kinamma Kunama haidena, suluba bacha kibininasi kasibatosumoabbu, Eritrea Kunama Kunama Koibisha Dimokrasia Sungada Erkukodisau, tela uia1-na, 4-la, 1995 amela koshiki, Kunamasi kilana kittitoda jinisoana kekiabu kishirga kidorki, Kunama kishano, Eritrea agara mosoa sullumana, sudasana, kosheriabu fes kittitoski, higidia ainiabu kanadiki, niatia ainiabu oshshalos kikamokala kishamoa kikishaki, kosherab kittitoda ketauaki , koshere niatia ainiebbu oshshala ashik kosaladatasuma nissala kedusolle serkis lakaski, kittitodia gatoa kekiabu kussu kidorke“.



As the Kunama endless suffering, forced them into taking up of struggle means, “ the Kunama

Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the Eritrean Kunama, Erkukodisu, born on April 1st., 1995, founded a suited organisation, which, be it for the Kunama people, or for most Eritreans, could bring peace and well-being , as it is led by its own ethnic-members, which see over their surrounding, thus satisfying their own expectations, as it suit them, and this can be accomplished only by determining one’s own desires, under the holy principle of “determining your own desire up to secession:“ And on the basis of this principle, it established its organization.


It is surely sensible, to try “to satisfying one’s own desires“ as one pleases, but one does not know, quite well, as this may imply, also, “seceding from the Eritrean nation“ to join who and where?


Kunamia koibishasi abachacha iddire, dumiana, ikkena, ide okodoka omema lagiana

kouiki adda sosonende bilala kosukaki fiteta garma kosake. Kunama koibisha sungada giladabu ankata kito gaske“.


For the kunama liberation, the brave fighters have abandoned their household and children and, similarly, they have abandoned the land they love and, like, wild animals, they are inhabiting in the wilderness, becoming sacrificial lambs. The Kunama liberation movement is moving on , growing slowly bigger.


This is another of Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar’s enticing narratives, aiming at encouring, many others to follow in the steps of those combatant and die. .

Kornelios Adolay Osman , cares less if those combatants become, as he says, sacrificial lambs, as long as, they do it for him If he really means, he should be the first one, to stand up, take up arms and lead the way.


Ishaditta, tutumbura Shabia, hakumata, nna kittitodena kingariki, Kunama agarasi, Shabia kolanasi, kida atimelana, aura ngerela kuaki, Kunama kittita uddoda Erkukodisusi, iriga

akussuma, Kunama kittita kotadakeda botatabu shakkirnang kosaki, shikilioka arfangke.

Aura etetabuna, kekabbuna, kantia, kittita antata o koibisha bashkulla fitetosumoabbu

Erkukodisu kittita bushuksuna o Erku nissale Eritrea Kunama anggonggolakin junjunende salang kosanandoas ea kaia ummia kishamoa Shabie maidabbu kotoa kotakena kogoshake“



However, the Shabia regime, the spoiler, in order to render, this organisation, fruitless and turn the Kunama people into Shabia, got into killing names and lies, and defining the Kunama organisation, Erkukodisu, as the fifth colony, Shambakko organisation and a lawless organisation, they keep roaring meaninglessly. If we consider it briefly and clearly, if an

organisation leader or a combatant is sacrified, the Erkukodisu organisdation would collapse or that the Erkukodisu principles would disappear, like the fog, from the minds of the Kunama is a useless dream that Shabia should very well need to distinguish.


Seeing the organastion’s activities from the present view-points, and with the eye of the Shabia regime of the time, and this was fourteen, (14), years ago,(01.04 2003), one could say that Shabia’s assumption was not very far from the truth, because, at the moment Erkukodisu organisation finds itself in a Limbo, with leader, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, travelling to the States with a false passport, being caught and jailed, for months and many combatants leaving the orgasion.

All this is a sign that the organisation is very slowly collapsing.


Nissala kedusa kosima sabbatasi koibisha kotalalinata bachoa shos lakasunni.

Ide koibisha bacha fardala fitetana kosina , koibisha masana anisunandimoana



As there exist a holy principle, up to the fulfillment of the liberation, the struggle/fight, will not stop. Besides, in the battle-field, there is “sacrifice“ too, and it is this what we say that the liberation struggle will continue.


Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, is deliberately using a very emotional discourse and selecting

purely religious terminology, (cfr.,holy principle…., sacrifie/ sacrificial lamb), to persuade and brainwash his “brave combatants“. To our view, it is rather inappropriate to use a “purely religious terminology“, to justify police aims, but, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, is very fond of such strategy.


Nissala kedusa kishamoabu, abachacha iddire nissaliasina, agaria koibishasi

fitetommo, kokobia kolina abachacha iddire alufebu kokkelanena, agara artana

kishino, tamma oine kittitia uddoda Kodisu hellala tummadabu fengki, abaia

baddala aika uli fada kome kika gombessa, minia baiouaesi aikedi kalli oratong kola gombessa sanabu kanti godima sabbatasi derngada arta kogoshamanume“.



As it is a “holy principle“, the brave fighters, “scarified“ for their principle and for the liberation

of their people, and those who will collect their blood could be counted in thousands and it generated many people and, today, there it is, their organisation, Kodisu, under the shadow of which, they are unanimously raising up, and, as we are practically witnessing, what kinds of measures they are taking, upon the enemy, there is no need for extending more.


Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, is again, reiterating his use of an emotional language and of a religious terminogy, to justify his combatants’ political actions.


Fitetomma iddiringnge Alexander, Monggoga, Museke kokoba kosusan hauski armia

naumma iddire kishimoabu, abachache bachiala lakangki abaia kolala koiaki

kamashabu sagungki, koibisha tasoa uasomuno lateba tame asariasi kokomiki kosasa tasala sagungki, koibishiasi konimbiki, kosheria kotika tashoa kokki fengki, kittita uddoda

Erkukodisusi kogoue konana gommoa, nissala kedusala fitetomma abachacha iddirouae arma naummoassidea“.


The blood of our sacrificed brave Alexander, Monggoga, and Muse, for instance, multiplied,

and the fact that it generated other brave ones, who took up their arms, and remained

in their battle -field, hit the enemy and boastingly singing, they witnessed the liberation activity,

the new comers, following in their steps, marching in the learning activity , crying for their

liberation and taking up the feeling of their ethnic-group, and they are singing, praising

Erkukodisu, because they shouldered the arms of those brave combatants who scarified for a holy principle.


Kunama agara fitetomma ikke kokoba koliki kittitia uddoda Erku hellala sokomaski

kosodamoabbu ai subbiddadala koski sagus gosubessa, abaingnganda Shabia atoditta kares gosumoa, Kunama koibishiasi fesumokoadittia, Eritrea agara mosoassi, Shabia gubugubena makin kufuruna kishamoa kitalalimasidea. Ide nna kotalalasi sella suda abaia baddala fada koma gerbebe kika gosumoa uasa kishana.“


The Kunama people, collecting the blood of its sacrified children and laying, under the shadow of its organisation, and in what level it is operating, the fact that our enemy

Shabia, is spending sleepless nights, and the Kunma has raised himself up, not only for his own liberation, but, for the liberation of the Eritrean public, in order to liberate them from the mouth of this brutal Shabia. Besides, in order for this to comes to being, let the hard measures it is taking, be a witness.



Since the beginning of his leadership of the Erkukodisu, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, without taking into account the limitations of his power, claimed to have raised himself up, not only for the liberation of the Kunama people, but for the liberation of the entire Eritrean people; and this conviction has led him to say and do things above himself. Let us consider only his audacity and courage to travel to the States, a country very strict in controlling, the entry into it, of people from the rest of the world.

As we know, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, illegally, undertook that journey and incurred legal matters that led him to jail.


Nissala keddusa kinama kittita dimala bata fala ingnga kishamoabu, Shabiandem

Kunama kittitasi natada naulakeski arfas kishimoassi kasidia, ersasabu fada koma

kokamoa baddala, kina ojella sama kishinandoadea“.


Since, an organisation which has a holy principle, its is the victory, what the Shabia has been brandishing a word that it has eliminated the Kunama organisation, its answer, besides taking

measures with bullets, it is like, a single seed of wheat, generating multiple seeds.


Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, wrote this article, on 01.04. 2003. Exactly forteen, (14), years ago, at time he thought to have reached the zenith of his leadership.

We wonder what he would write now, and say, in what conditions his organisation is finding itself, provided that he still has some “brave“ combatants, still supporting him and ready to scarify their lives.

The KABIT, (June 29, 2017.)

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