The Kunama is a minority ethnic-group living in the western part of Eritrea.This page exposes the unjust and discriminatory activities of the Eritrean government. It also participates in the political dialogues in Eritrea.

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Do the Kunama people know that, this picture of his tells a very meaningful history?

After he had been released from the jail and got to Shimelba, why was he walking staggering?

It is high time that people know the significance and the reality of that picture.

In the Kunama culture, any event is considered with regard and any unpleasant event is takled with a certain secrecy. Jeremia, as a refugee, from Shimelba entered Denmark. Has he therefore been raped?

Adolay too, as if he had not spoken about, has been to the States.

Let us now hear from Adolay. Through his arrogance, he had been imprisoned for 5 months and they are enquiring how did he withstand that time? They are asking, why he ended up in a country where men meet other men. Since he knew, why, they are asking, did he get into such a problem?

There is plenty of rumour that he would never ever tell about what he had been experiencing, but as he used to commit evil deeds to the Kunama people, today there is nothing to be hiden; they are therefore, saying, that whatever had happened to him, has to be revealed and let be known; people should know what kind of a leader, of a representantative they have.

That jail centre is only for men and most of them are said to be homosexuals. Had Adolay managed to evade or succumb?

The news, comming from America, suggests he had not evaded.

Some of his supporters know it very well, but are trying to keep it secret; however, that secrecy is coming out open slowly, due to his arrogance and to the fact that he does not want to keep his mouth shut; so, in order to keep him silent, they are urging us to spread the news, so that people too know it.

They stated that the news, coming from America, had come to light, after a detailed analysis and careful study.

What he had experienced in prison: day or night, his fellow-prisoners, exchanging him for a female, and calling him, cute boy they would role him, here and there, and rape him, turning into a wound, the whole of his back-side.

People do not know that he had been crying and suffering for 5 months; some folks did know it but, it was kept secret, being an embarrasing event.

It is known that, he could neither eat or drink, but only crying. Noticing the situation, the prison authorities, in order to let him have some rest, locked him in a single cell, where he could find release.

It is reported, by those Kunama individuals, he had jailed, that Adolay, preventing them, from taking a shower, and saying, what kind of a punishment, to a prisoner who, due to dirt, is not infected with lice?“ used to let them suffer. Considering this, they are stating that, all this is befallen him, because of the blood of those

Kunama individuals, and the destiny of the people is fallen upon him.

They are saying that, a new name has been given to him: the Americans woman and if he had gone there, as a brave leader, why was he unable to defend himself?“

They said that out of the prison, he had gone there pregnant, but it is not known, whether he delivered or aborted his child.

They said that:his child now, should be, a year old“.

They said he called his wife , continuously breaking into tears, so that, only when his nephew, Sirnay had bailed him out and took him to his house that he could find rest, otherwise“, they said, “he would have not survived; and they said that, what he was frighted by most, and kept him sleepless nights,, had been the “GPS“, tight on his foot.

They reported that, after he had been locked in a single cell, his fellow-prisoners, his husbands,“ were said to have gone mad, and asked: “where is the cute boy?“

Had ever taken place, or heard of a similar history, in the Kunama culture?

After he had been thrown out of prison, like a wothiless object, and sent back, what he had undergone in prison, overwhelmed his soul so much that, he would wake up suddenly, at nights and would wander round the house , saying, there, they have come, they have come“ and his family members, would quieten him and lead him again to bed, bu it is reported, from his household in Addis-Abebea, that he could not go to sleep.

Though such mistery is kept secret, he is still claiming and defining himself as the representative and the chairman of the Kunama people. As he is doing so in order to go on cheating the Kunama people, we have to reveal him, so that, from now on, people need to know him well.

One would wonder, they are saying, how dare, Kornelios Adolay, the Americans woman/wife“, come out, in front of the people and still claim to be representing the Kunama people.!

It was impressive how he bostered, once he got to the States.

They are saying, he should be hiding himsel in an under ground. Kornelios Adolay's mind did not undergo any change, from the previous results of the Hospital's examination; it is said to be still the same.

They said that, due to his weak heart, he is still suffering and having problems.

They are stating that, there would not be any wonder, if, this man, terrorised by death, would have, his heart, exploded, because he is said to be very frightened. In the Kunama culture. a man like him, with a stigma, would be rejected with the expression, used for a dog: jer... jer …, ia kalib“.

How could we Kunama, take a man, like him, similar to an ostrich, with an open backside?

As he was afraid and unable to appear in public , they said, he would meet, secretely, only with his supporters and run away. This is from Shimelba.

Once, in the states, he had not summoned the Kunama public, but he would spend days and nights, only with his supporters and, everytime people had gone to meet him, he would hide himself and order that they say, he was not at home.

They are saying that, since he would not go to his Kunama friends' house, nor do they go to his house, which Kunama is he claiming to be representing?“

What his supporters, in the States, are telling: “we followed this man without knowing him and, we committed whatever evil deeds he had ordered“.

They are saying they are now regretting“.

They are saying that, since they had seen and known him, he is a cheater“.

They are saying, “whatever order he had given us, he was following and leading us through theaves'/evil-doors'way, that we had engaged ourselves in robbing live-stock and killing people. They are saying that most of those who used to be sent to rob live-stock are in the State and are revealing it“.

An ex-supporter of his, stated: for Adolay, I counted 300 sheep“.

Even if had taken time, those who provided such information be thanked.

The one written in Kunama language is only for the Kunama people.

This translation of that writing, into English is tha,t non-Kunama readership be informed.

Tousands thanks.

United States. June-October 2015.

NB. There is restraining,in revealing Adolay's activities. Justice requares that, the same means he used to make the Kunama people suffer, be used to make him suffer.

He had sent into the graves, all those he most feared.

The one who states to have pity on Adolay, let him/her come out in the open, and declare who he/she ist.

Alternatively, do not come out, as usual, hiding your identity.

It is concernig the blood of the Kunama people.



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