The Kunama is a minority ethnic-group living in the western part of Eritrea.This page exposes the unjust and discriminatory activities of the Eritrean government. It also participates in the political dialogues in Eritrea.

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A Brief Comparative Study, Between the Politic and Political Agenda of PFDJ's regime, at home, in Eritrea, and that of the Eritrean opposition organisations abroad,especially, in Ethiopia.

    The PFDJ ' s regime, as its neutral name itself suggests, is not representing and no representative, neither of the Eritrean nation, nor of the Eritrean ethnic and folks-groups, nevertheless,it claims to be the only authority and have, the entire Eritrean nation and all of the Eritrean population, under its umbrella, under its control.

    To my view , the Eritrean opposition camp abroad lacks of such single authority, capable of giving ,its various organisations, its directives and orders.

    On the other hand, most of the oposition organisations too, cary neutral names, such PLF, EPLF, SAWRAWI BAYTO, FEDERALIA, and so on, but who do they represent, their own selves? Only a handful of opposition organisations, for example, the Afar, the Kunama and the Saho opposition organisation , do carry the proper names of their own ethnic or folks-groups.

    Such single authority, in the Eritrean opposition camp, contrary to PFDJ's regime, is to be made-up, composed, of all the oppossition organisations, which, nominally and factually, do represent their own ethnic and folks-groups.

    Besides, such single authority, in the opposition camp, has to enjoy the recognition, and respect of the other organisations, as standing for the Eritrean nation; as being the skeleton“ of the Eritrean nation.

    I am not a medical doctor, but, at least, I know that the skeleton“ is what keeps our body standing, and what keeps the Erirean nation and the Ertrean society standing“ is, neither its regime at home, nor the many opposition organisations, abroad, but Eritrea's many nationalities, in their linguistic and cultural varities. The main activity of such a coalition is to deal, chiefly, the diplomatic affairs of the Eritrean nation, first of all, with the Afrika Union, their next door neibour, in the Ethiopian capital of Addis-Abeba.

    The PFDJ's regime is made-up, composed of individuals, who somehow, share identical political and economic principles. They represent their own selves and their own economic interests, and care less for the needs and interests of the Eritrean people. There is a lingering danger that, some opposition organisations too are gradually falling into such ego-centric habit“, and, as the late Pastor, Mr. Martin Luther King Junior once said: “if there is a problem anywhere, there is danger everywhere“ and that these opposition organisations too are there to sewing many problems, and consequently creating many dangers.

    We should have long learnt the lesson, from our previous struggle for the Eritrean Independence war, that lasted for more than 30 years and cost us innumerable lives. We should have learnt that, the struggle/war“ brings more struggle and more wars and more deaths. We are therefore urging that we should not forget that more than 30 years of the Eritrean war of independence has brought only the nation's independence, but our people's dependence for every life subtaining item and this houlds not be compatible with the aim of the political independence of the nation.

    We are therefore more than ever, urging, that the suggested opposition single autority, the coalition of the opposition organisations, be able to care, more deeply, for the Eritrean people at home. In order to be able to do this, let the politic of the opposition single authority be the adoption of dialogue, instead of war, as the alternative and main measure to assemble all oppositon orgnisations, including also those opposition organisations, working underground, in Eritrea itself, but dialogue should be extended to approach also the members of PFDJ's regime itself, though, it is known to be rather belligerent, in its approach to the Eritrean national affairs.

    The PFDJ's regime shoud be slowly, made aware that the Eritrean nation is the nation of all nationalties, and that a regime or a government is elected, for a period of time, to care for the Eritrean country and for its people and that no regime or government is there to reing for ever.

    The Eritrean opposition camp, as devided as it is now, is not only not ready even to replace the PFDJ's regime, should it suddenly fall for whatever reason, but it is even more likely to raise Eritrea's public revolt than guaranteeing a pieceful transition of power. Let God forbid such painful scenario.

    By Piero Ali Umet, May 29, 2018. 

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