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21 February 2010 KUNAMA LAND

Any enterprise, undertaken, in the Kunama Land (KL),
by the present PFDJ's regime of Ato Isaias Afwerki, “is” always “yielding promising outcome.”
This and other similar false statements, deceiving pieces of information and outright lies have been very profusely made, given and told by the present PFDJ's regime, since its ascension to power in the independent Eritrea, twenty (20) years ago. To corroborate such unfounded claims, Ato Isaias Afwerki himself has been very regularly making his “tours of inspections in the Gash-Barka region”, to be informed and get entertained by the “experts” that all works are running perfectly well and bearing fruits.
If it were so, in twenty years, those developmental projects should have, by now, covered and developed every corner of the “Gash-Barka region”, filling the “Ertrean basket” of “bread” and of every other goodies.
The home sources however, are telling completely different stories and of a rampant and of an ever-more growing famine. Eritrea and the Eritrean people today are the poorest ones.
What is really very surprising to us native Kunama, living abroad, is the regular information, we are being provided with, by those home sources, categorically denying those claims and stating that not many of those acclaimed enterprises are actually been implemented or really “yielding”so many “promising outcomes”,if not regularly failing and collapsing, because of lack of the appropriate knowledge of the climatic conditions of the territory and due to mismanagements, reported to be extremely rampant.
Added to this, the few, the little and the very poorly managed agricultural and infrastructural developments, continuously reported by the “'s staff” and by other sites, supporting the regime and parroting those projects to be “yielding” some fruits and being somewhat successful, are said to be only and solely for the benefits of the regime, in the first place, of the regime's regional and local authorities, of their supporters, of their fellow-organisational and fellow-ethnic-groups' members, but never for the benefits of the ordinary native Kunama populations or for other populations, living in KL, but not fully supportive of the regime.
Other beneficiaries of the smaller scale projects are said to be the Tigrians and other settlers who are also being reported to becoming very instrumental in the regime's “land-grabbing” and expulsion policies and activities. Such factors are said to be the ones creating havoc.
In order to implement those agricultural and infrastructural developments, the regime's local authorities and the various companies, directly employed by the regime, are reported to be sequestrating, from the Kunama rural populations, hectares after hectares of their crop-fields, of their grazing lands and of every piece of their native and ancestral land, at times, using even physical force to eject the local Kunama villagers and farmers, from their hamlets and temporary shelters. This not being more than enough, the regime's regional and local authorities are said to be controlling and sequestrating even the few agricultural products the Kunama rural populations are harvesting from the remaining pieces of their land, for their own daily consumption, and for the market, to buy, the basic necessities, like salt, coffee, sugar and so on. Today, the Kunama rural population is said to be suffering the worst poverty and famine never faced and experienced in its land and in its long history. Many Kunama are becoming very aware that the present PFDJ's regime of Ato Isaias Afwerki is using every means and every method to rid the Kunama Land of its native Kunama population and adopting every imaginable strategy to systematically ethnic-cleansing the Kunama race. There are also non-Kunama sources, people, individuals, groups and organisations, sending very clear messages that the indigenous populations of the Eritrean western lowlands: the Kunama, the Baria and the Nara are being constantly and openly threatened with “extinction”.
God forbid! But this is a very serious sound of a very serious alarm-bell, we the members of those populations, living abroad, should and must listen to, find ways and prevent such evil events from materialising.
The ethnic-based organisations, within and outside of the “Eritean Democratic Alliance (EDA)” and other Eritrean organisations, claiming to be caring for the well-being of the entire Eritrean populations should be really concerned with such urgent problems and needs and prioritise their efforts to speak, work for and protect those populations, if they wish to avoid being, tomorrow, accused of having inactively condoned and negligently co-operated in worsening the misfortunes of those populations.
History will never forget and forgive them.
This is the timely warning they should be keeping in their minds. It is use talking about “democracy”, without people.
Let us therefore remind the leaders of those ethnic-based organisations and the EDA's supreme leadership itself, that the exodus of the Kunama and of the other indigenous populations of the “Gash-Barka region”, today taking place in an unprecedented manner, is not only to escape the political persecutions, but above all, the “ethnic-cleansing” activities the PFDJ's regime is carrying out against them. This is an urgent call that the Ethiopian government too should be reminded of and take as serious and tell the EDA and its member-organisations to wake up to the “call” and accelerate their efforts in saving and defending the very existence of their Eritrean ethnic-groups and populations. Ethiopia has the authority and the duty to move the EDA. The present PFDJ's regime, its media outlets, their managers and their contributors are depicting a very fake picture of Eritrea, at the present times, and of the Eritrean people's present life style and of the plights they are being forced to sustain.
Those supporters of the regime are even anticipating the UNSC's present sanctions, imposed on the “Eritrean PFDJ's regime”, as if they were on and against “Eritrea” and against the “Eritrean people”, instead of considering that, since the times the present PFDJ's regime of Ato Isaias Afwerki had forcefully and arbitrarily established itself, as the “government” of the independent Eritrea, imposed and kept very severe sanctions on Eritrea and on the Eritrean people, reducing the country and its people, to their present state of being recognised and regarded as one of the world's poorest nations and people. These were and are the real and the most damaging “sanctions” those blind Eritrean organisations, groups and individuals, speaking on behalf of the PFDJ's regime, and today “crying foul”, at the “UNSC's resolution 1907”, should have been fighting and fight against. It is a shame to demonstrate for a “regime” killing our people.
As we have been reporting, time and again, on the attitudes, discourses and the behavioural patterns of certain Eritrean opportunistic supporters and sympathisers of the PFDJ's regime, from their cosy and comfort-zones, in the democratic foreign countries, a “Joint Press Release, February 15, 2010 Radio Voice of Eritrea in Halifax, Canada, Community Radio Dallas, Texas and”, is very adamantly and with no convincing arguments, protesting against the “UNSC's Resolution 1907”, stating that they “reject the excuse that the sanctions are imposed on and will only punish the Eritrean government and will not harm the populace”.
What about the twenty (20) years' “sanctions”, the EPLF/PFDJ's regime has been imposing and keeping upon the Eritrean people and has done enormous, not only economic, but above all ethnic, cultural and religious damages, the Eritrean people had never previously experienced in their history? By the way, do, please, drop the definition of “Eritrean populace”, which is a diminutive and a very contemptuous term, today dropped also by those very forces whoich had invented it.
The “Eritrean people” today, deserve much more respectful titles than those applied to downtrodden classes, even if denoting their present predicaments. We should not be degrading our own selves, though today it is becoming hard and humiliating to being an Eritrean. The regime's media outlets like, “,” and their associates are full of lies and constantly giving deceiving pieces of news, on the present state of Eritrea and on the Eritrean people at home. It suffices to glance through the following recent titles:
1.- “Improving Quality of Life through Equitable Wealth Distribution: Eritrea's development Policy, Bereket Tewelde, Feb 3, 2010;
2.- “Inhabitants of Mogolo and Barentu sub-zones reaffirm readiness to backup integrated national development drive; shabait. Com Staff, Feb 6, 2010”:
3.- Administrator expresses significance of effective utilisation of land and animal resources, Feb 10, 2010;
4.- Cotton And Sugar Plantation In Gerset (Garsat) Assuming promising Prospects, Feb 16, 2010;” and so on and so forth, despite all the very contrary reports by the neutral home forces, pitying the Eritrean people for the rampant famine, engulfing them and the country.
Where and when on earth, has the Shabia regime ever tried to “improve quality of life through equitable wealth distribution”, if not, instead, doing the contrary, by, for instance, sequestrating, the Kunama people and other Eritrean populations, of their land, of the products of their native and ancestral lands and reducing them to a “life” of misery and suffering? What are the fruits of that “effective utilisation of land and animal resources”, when the land, “grabbed” from the Eritrean rural populations, villagers and farmers has been forcing them either to sell their livestock or see it die out, due to lack of the grazing-land, “grabbed” by the regime and by its clients? How could a population, which lives and has been living, based solely on the products of its own native and ancestral land, could carry on living, deprived of its main and the only source of life? This is equal to disconnecting a patient from the machine keeping him/her alive. For the Kunama rural population, their land and the products of their own ancestral land are the only sources of their sustenance. “Grabbing” their land and depriving them of their crop-fields and grazing lands, equals to condemning them and their livestock to death. This is the reality the regime, the Eritrean-Tigrian and other settlers are refusing to see, accept and respect, but they are purposefully rejecting it.
“Garsat” is the environ, in the fertile Kunama Tika region, which, due to its vicinity to the “Tika-Suba/Bahara” (the Tika-River/Sea=Takaze), has always been the centre of vegetation and of the recreation and multiplication of the Kunama people's livestock and of the Kunama land's fauna and flora. Depriving the local Kunama populations of the Tika-region, of their crop-fields and their livestock of its grazing-land, in order to implement those “cotton and sugar plantations”, is simply designed to supplying them with “dying pills”. This is a crime, being masterminded by a criminal regime which is attempting to killing its own citizens. It is a regime legalising “criminality”, but yet supported by those who, though living in democratic and just countries, can see and are directed only by their own personal interests.

The VKP/KAM: (February 21, 2010)


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