The Kunama is a minority ethnic-group living in the western part of Eritrea.This page exposes the unjust and discriminatory activities of the Eritrean government. It also participates in the political dialogues in Eritrea.

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20 October 2009 The Democratic Movement for the Liberation of Eritrean Kunama meets the current definition of an undesignated terrorist

The Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the Eritrean Kunama (DMLEK) has been credited with carrying out several military operations in recent years.
The report goes further to state the group contains about 120 fighters. Additionally, the Library of Congress, in its September 2005 Country profile of Eritrea, lists the Democratic Movement for the Liberation of Eritrean Kunama as an insurgent force.
According to public information, the DMLEK, also referenced as Eritrean Kunamas Democratic Movement, is one of several opposition groups that are part of the umbrella group of the Alliance of Eritrean National Force also known as the Eritrean National Alliance (ENA). In addition to the DMLEK, the ENA contains subgroups that are known terrorist organizations including the Eritrean Islamic Salvation Movement and the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF).
The Democratic Movement for the Liberation of Eritrean Kunama meets the current definition of an undesignated terrorist organization at INA section 212(a) (3)(B)(vi)(III). The violent activities of DMLEK match those described in section 212(a)(3)(B)(iii) and 212(a)(3)(B)(iv).
Due to the activities of the DMLEK, the DMLEK meets the current definition of an undesignated terrorist organization at INA section 212(a)(3)(B)(iii). 1998-2009.


TO: Mr. John Young,
c/o Small Arms Survey
Graduate Institute of International Studies
47 Avenue Blanc, 1202 Geneva, Swtzerland

FROM: The Voice of the Kunama People, (VKP); Kunama Agara Mena (KAM);

Mr. John Young,
the Voice of the Kunama People/Kunama Agara Mena, (VKP/KAM), is the official website of the Kunama people, run by a team of Kunama intellectuals, with the full and active co-operation of many ethnic-Kunama members from across the world, including those serving in the forces of the “Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the Eritrean Kunama (DMLEK), which you, very falsely defined and accused as a “terrorist organisation”. The DMLEK is a Kunama people's organisation; it is and it has always been struggling for the ethnic, culturo-linguistic and territorial rights of the Kunama people in Eritrea, who are being threatened with “ethnic-cleansing” activities, by the present Eritrean “People's Front for Democracy and Justice” PFDJ's dictatorial and oppressive regime. On what pieces of evidence and bases, have you ever come up with your idea and report, on “Armed Groups Along Sudan's Eastern Frontier: An Overview and Analysis” you had made and where you stated the Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the Eritrean Kunama (DMLEK), to be “a terrorist organisation”, which is, instead, the only Kunama people's organisation, officially recognised and allowed, by the Ethiopian government, to reside in its own territory, with an office, right in its Ethiopian capital city of Addis-Ababa and is conducting its activities, together with the other Eritrean opposition organisations, forming the Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA), which is also recognised, world-wide, as the official coalition of the Eritrean opposition forces, representing the Eritrean ethnic, culturo-linguistic and religious diversity, struggling, to replace, with a democratically elected civilian government, the present military and dictatorial regime of Ato Isaias Afwerki? You very well-know, Sir, that Ethiopia and the Ethiopian present government are, together with the U.S. Government, totally and actively involved in combating terrorism in Somalia and in the Horn of Africa.
How could you therefore ever imagine that Ethiopia would officially harbour the DMLEK if it had not known to be an organisation legitimately struggling only for the rights of its Kunama people, in Eritrea, and against the present Eritrean PFDJ's regime which, on the other hand, has officially been designated, by the U.S. Government and by its Department of State, as a regime harbouring and aiding the Somali terrorist groups and affiliates of Al-Qaida?
The VKP/KAM's team is thus addressing you, Mr. John Young, based on your report and information coming to it, from the U.S.A., where certain “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services”, have been and are rejecting, based on your misguided reports on and false accusation of the “DMLEK being a terrorist organisation, conducting terrorist activities”, the applications for “PERMANENT RESIDENT STATUS”, of some ethnic- Kunama members who, after all, had been and are being flown, legally and officially, to the U.S.A., from their refugee-camps in Ethiopia, with the full approval of the “UNHCR” and of the “U.S.A. Government and Department of State”. In order to straighten your misguided report and false pieces of information, causing so much problem and further sufferings to our fellow-Kunama ethnic-members, in the U.S.A. too, the VKP/KAM's team is officially requesting that, either you or your “Graduate Institute of International Studies”, do retract such false information on the DMLEK and on its activities and render justice to it and to its suffering Kunama people.
With regards,  The VKP/KAM'S team: (October 7, 2009).
NB. This letter, Mr. John Young, will be included in the appeal letter, the
VKP/KAM's team, is going to write and send it to the
“U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services”.
Here is a copy of the letter sent to Mr. John Young and to the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland.

To: U.S. Department of Homeland Security
P.O.Box 82521 Lincoln, NE. 68501-2521
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

FROM: The Voice of the Kunama People (VKP);
Kunama Agara Mena (KAM).
Postfach 620 124
D- Cologne, Germany
Dear ladies and gentlemen,
it has come to the knowledge of the VKP/KAM's team that your office has been rejecting our fellow-Eritrean Kunama ethnic-members, presenting “APPLICATION TO ADJUST TO PERMANENT RESIDENT STATUS”, based on very false pieces of information, provided to you, by “The Small Arms Survey, in a working paper entitled Armed Groups Along Sudan's Eastern Frontier; An Overview and Analysis, by John Young.
In that “working paper”, Mr. John Young had wrongly defined the Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the Eritrean Kunama (DMLEK), as a “terrorist organisation”, and mistakenly included it among the “Armed Groups Along Sudan's Eastern Frontier”.
The DMLEK is stationed in Ethiopia and is an official member of the “Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA), recognised by Ethiopia and other East-African countries, as the legitimate alliance, opposing the present dictatorial PFDJ's regime of Mr. Isaias Afwerki.
As the VKP/KAM's team had already addressed Mr. John Young himself of his false report and reminded also the “Graduate Institute of International Studies, in 47 Avenue Blanc, 1202 Geneva , Switzerland” the DMLEK is a Kunama people's organisation, struggling for the ethnic, culturo-linguistic and territorial rights of the Kunama people in their native and ancestral land, in the western Eritrean lowlands. The Kunama, as it is well-known to the U.S. State Department itself, is an ethnic-group, against which the present Eritrean PFDJ's regime is conducting ethnic-cleansing activities and therefore, many of them had to flee to and take refuge in the neighbouring Ethiopian State of Tigray. The DMLEK too, as their organisation, resides in the same Tigray State and has its main office in the Ethiopian capital city of Addis-Ababa.
With the approval of the “UNHCR” and consent of the “U.S. State Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship and Immigration Services”, many of those Kunama refugees have been and are being resettled in the U.S.A, in Canada, in Australia and in many other foreign countries.
As you well-know, ladies and gentlemen, Ethiopia, the Ethiopian government and the U.S.A. and the U.S. government are now jointly fighting against terrorism in the Horn of Africa and therefore, Ethiopia and the Ethiopian government would have never homed the DMLEK in their country, had they not recognised and accepted it to be an organisation struggling, only and solely, for the rights of the Eritrean Kunama. The US State Department too, would not have allowed any Kunama ethnic-member, enter U.S.A. unless it had not, previously and carefully scrutinized each and every Kunama ethnic-member, now residing in the U.S.A. If some of them had admitted to have supported and helped the DMLEK in its liberation activities against the present Eritrean PFDJ's regime, they believed to have helped their own organisation, struggling for their own rights and against a regime which, at this very moment, the U.S.A., other governments and the international community, have defined to be a “terrorist regime”, and recognised to be harbouring and helping the Somali terrorist groups and Al-Qaida itself, and threatening it with sanctions.
The DMLEK therefore is not a “terrorist organisation”, but an organisation struggling for the rights of its Kunama people and fighting against the “terrorist Eritrean regime”.
Hoping that, thus, the VKP/KAM's team has collected enough evidence to provide you with the right information on the DMLEK, it is appealing to your organisations and services, to help our ethnic-Kunama members to find a peaceful life in the U.S.A.
With many thanks and kind regards,
The VKP/KAM: (October 20, 2009).



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