The Kunama is a minority ethnic-group living in the western part of Eritrea.This page exposes the unjust and discriminatory activities of the Eritrean government. It also participates in the political dialogues in Eritrea.

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Why, are you Kunama, abandoning your homeland?


This question, had been asked to the Kunama people, at home, by non-other than, the Brigadier Gen. Abraha Kassa, the very Brigadier Gen, who had previously been an active member of that group that, together with the president Isaias Afwerki and the minister, Ali Abdu, had masterminded that very evil plan of mass-poisoning, mass-killing and mass-burying, in a mass-grave, of those 26 Kunama individuals, in the vicinity of the town of Maiduma.

The above question, had been asked by the Brigadier Gen. Abraha Kassa, to a selected number of Kunama individuals, with the suggestion that, if they could convince, those Kunama individuals who hadabandoned“ their homeland, to return there and, sit down together and find a solution.

It is said that, those asked individuals could only answer that the Brigadier Gen., Abraha Kassa himsefl should try and convice those Kunama, to return.

It is also said that, such question will be asked also to those Kunama living in distant countries, like, Australia, Canada, Europe and USA.

We, Kunama members, abroad, are waiting that the Brigadier Gen., Abraha Kassa, extended his question, to us too, but, before that, we would like to inquire whether, the Brigadier Gen., A. Kassa, had asked the same question, to other Eritreans too, since many members of many other Eritreans, especially, an extra-ordinary number of the Eritrean-Tigrians, particularly, the younger generation, are flooding the European countries, even risking their lives, in crossing the Mediterranean-Sea.

We, therefore, wonder whehter, the Brigadier Gen., Abraha Kassa, had even the heart, to approach and console the parents and relatives of those youths, who had tried to cross the Mediterraen-Sea, but drowned and perished in it.

If the Brigadier.Gen., Abraha Kassa had asked other Eritreans too, what were their answers? And if he had not, why not?

According to the many rumours, reached the ears of us Kunama abroad, the main reason of Brigadier Gen., Abraha Kassa`s questions, particularly to the Kunama people, had been that, a lot of gold-deposit, had been detected, by a British Mining- Company, in the vicinity of the Kunama village of Aikota and therefore, before begining the exploration, the PEDJ regime would like to be in good-terms with the Kunama people, in their territory, and therefore it is trying to lure the Kunama people to a peaceful settlement. If that were the main reason, let us point out that, especially, the British Goverment, during the 10-year-British Protectorate of Eritrea, had caused a lot of suffering, to the Kunama people, by the use of itsdivide and rule“ political maxim, creating bad relationships, between the Kunama and surrounding populations.

Considering this, the Kunama people would be very resentful of another presence of the British, in their homeland.

The Kunama people are already finding it very difficult to put up with the overwhelming settlement of the Eritrean-Tgrian-ehtnic-members, in their homeland.

If added, to this, the second presence of the British, in their homeland, would surely increase their resentment.

The Brigadier Gen., Abraha Kassa, due to his privious involment in the planning of the atrocious act, as said, of poisoning, killing and burrying, in a mass-grave“, of the twenty-six, (26), Kunama, has fallen-out , of us Kunama eyes, as a very cruel and heartlet person, and therefore whatever the reason, for the Brigadier, Gen., Abraha Kassa, to get again involved, in the affairs of the Kunama people and asked them a very provocative question like

why are you Kunama abandoning your homeland“, and suggesting of bringing back their people, so that they could sit down and find a solution, is fundamentally rejected, as, again re-kindling still burning sentiments of dire hatred., for that dredful action.

Besides, the exploration of the gold-mining, for the simple reason of economic advantages, is simply lacking of considering the negative ecological cosequences, deriving from those mining-explorations.

The area of the vicinity of the Kunama village of Aikota, had already experienced an Italian gold-mining exploration, in the adjacent Tali-mountains-range, near the village of Ashoshi, of which, the negative ecologic and other consequences are still lingering, in the surrouding areas.

According to our view, the main reason why, so many members of the Eritrean ethnic and folk-groups, especially, a lot of youths, are abandoning their Eritrean nation, is due to the PFDJ regime's political and economic

mismanagerment. The younger generation keep reporting that the PFDJ regime's of the presidernt Isaias Afwerki is trying to militarize the whole nation and its whole citizens. No one, but especially, the younger generation see no future prospectives which would give them hope, for better life, and therefore, they are deciding to flee the country, even risking their very lives, crossing the Sahara-Desert and the Mediterranean-Sea.

due to this phenomenon, we keep worrying and wonder:

what will be like, a future Eritrea, without its younger generation?

Finally, concerning the Kunama land and the Kunama people, let us bluntly, say it, that, the PFDJ regime, has already done more than enough damages, to the Kunama people and to the Kunama homeland and, that a further negative plans, in the Kunama land, will mean nothing else, but a deeper grabbing and ruining the Kunama land.

The K.A.B.IT: September 13, 2017


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