The Kunama is a minority ethnic-group living in the western part of Eritrea.This page exposes the unjust and discriminatory activities of the Eritrean government. It also participates in the political dialogues in Eritrea.

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09 July 2019 Mona Andreas


Mona Andreas
9 July at 21:57 · 
The Axum (Aksum) burden of ethnic cleaning upon Kunama ethnic group during late BC and early AD still continues to date the 21st century. However, whatever people try either by killing, taking the land, make someone’s history to be theirs, they will never be fully successful to wipe out the entire ethnic group or society from this world. Sometime down the line, the true history will come out and the truth will be told. God will work miracles to protect his creation one way or the other. 
The below video explains in details of the PFDJ plans of ethnic cleansing upon the members of the kunama ethnic groups in Eritrea and how they carry out their plan using poisons to kill (despite the use of weapons in different occasions) and bury them in a mass grave. So when most Eritreans come out on social media and keep complaining about indefinite military conscript in Eritrea this for Kunama and other minority groups is the least problem. The major problem for the kunama and other minority is the continues killing of targeted ethnic groups such as kunama for no reason, the land grabbing and redistribution of land to PFDJ supports, the false accusation and jailing of individuals, taking their farmlands, the segregation of ethnic groups favouring only one culture, language to be master of all and disvaluing the rest. The treatment of the minority groups as if they are second class citizen, despite they are indigenous of the land. The structural oppression and control of power by only one ethnic group, while we are a diverse tribe and the religion discriminations are the major problems need to be discussed. Clearly, we are never been oppressed equally as some people believed to be. 
The main reason why the regime is more aggressive to words the kunama is simple. I believe these are the reasons among money. Firstly Kunama and Nara are the indigenous tribes in Eritrea black Africans lived and originated here before any other tribe arrived in Eritrea. This may sound strange but some people in Eritrea and Ethiopia believe that they are Arab/Jewish descendants so they look better and think better, therefore, they are superior to black people such as the kunama, Nara and the original Africans in general. Secondly, the historical problem which is the Kunama used to rule the Ethiopia and Eritrea under the Kunama King Bazen/Baden, colliding to South with the Nubian King and to the North with the Egyptian king happily coordinated and worked together up to the Early AD. When the Al-habash (The current rulers of Eritrea and Ethiopia) came to the region King Bazen took them under his wing gave them land and places to live. However, instead of being grateful for the king’s generosity the new comers became envy and Jalousie of the kunama people and their king. So they plotted a strategy to wage a war against the kunama. Knowing they could not win the war against kunama while King Bazen is alive. They send him a beautiful young girl to be his wife according to the kunama oral history, King Bazen/Baden declined the offer for the girl to be his wife but took her to be his highest servant. Thereby the girl lived with the King and provided food for the king and his men. However, the main purpose of offering this girl to be the King’s wife was for the girl to be close to the King and have the chance to kill the King. According to the oral Kunama history one day the girl secretly told her people as per their plan she is ready to kill the King by placing a poison on his food so they should be ready to strike the rest of the kunama when she is successful. 
The poor Kunama were living their live they do knew nothing what was planned against them. As soon as the girl told the Al-Habash that she has poisoned King Baden. The Al-Habash start attacking the kunama, burning their houses and blocked all the tracks and pathways of Kunamas for returning home. When the Kunama who was working on a farm, out in the field, hunters and herders of animals heard screams and saw smokes coming out of their villages they returned home for help but the enemy was ready witting for them and they were killed on their way home. At home women, children and men were slaughtered and burned to death. This was all done simply to get the throne of the King Baden and claim the kingdom and the civilisation of Axum or Aksum to be theirs. As they have planned they became the rulers of Axum, rest of Ethiopia and Eritrea up to now, they claim the history of Axum civilization. Although down the line they divided among themselves and fitting each other and involve as in the middle as well. For them, in order to protect this history, they have to wipe the Kunama out of that part of the world or keep them in the dark and deny their rights and history by any means. This practices of killing Kunama continued in Eritrea up to the present date by the PFDJ regime. On the contrary in Ethiopia the TPLF went against their ancestors and partially supported the kunama, build Museum in Axum and asked the kunama to bring Kunama Cultural materials to display in their ancestor’s city. However there are a lot of people in Ethiopia still who do not agree with the TPLF arrangements. We hear them talk in FB dissatisfied with the TPLF arrangements arguing and saying there is a reason why their ancestors keep secrets, hided the true history of Axum and left the kunama in the dark. The thing is though Kunama know it all. They do have their ancestors to tell their history. To make things clear I am not saying TPLF is a great government but they do advocate partially for the Kunama and their history to come to light. 
So my piece of advice for all my Eritrean friends who claim to be working for justice and freedom of people in Eritrea. Let’s be honest and talk freely and openly about all the problems we have. Many people hear them saying let us free the country first and speak about the rest of the issues later. I find this extremely confusing as Eritrea is already free country. What is missing in Eritrea is freedom/justice for all, each individual, each ethnic group, and each religion group, freedom of speech, equal work opportunity for all, equal sharing of power, having Constitutional government etc. The land that was taken forcefully should returned to its rightful owners. 
There is no need to deny and cover our issues or pretend as if we don’t have, ethnic segregation, religion issues and the misuse of the language to benefiting one tribe, or problem in power sharing. If we ignore the problems we have and act as if we all like each other we will have the same problems for ever and ever. Let us learn from our mistakes and sometimes even stretch deeper, re-think to learn from the mistakes made by our ancestor’s and avoid making the same mistakes again and again. Let us not forget what has recently being happening to many of our country men in the Mediterranean Sea, Sinai and Libya. Eritrea has enough resources to feed all of us, we should not be running away from home and be treated like animals in Libya. As many of you know Kunama normally will not go to this countries but just speaking from Eritrean perspective. There is a very simple way to prevent this keep happening and again. Let us respect each other and work together, Share power evenly, do not grab peoples land ask for it, buy or lease it. Let people teach their true history to their children, without any judgment. Have legislations and laws reflecting all ethnic groups in Eritrea. Let the Muslims have sharia laws in their areas, let the Kunama use the rich resources of their land understand that you are black and African not better than anyone else. You have more African DNA in your blood than Arab/Jewish DNA. Let use work for justice and peace in our beloved country.
As it is sad to say this but when I see all those horrible things happened to people in Libya, I can’t help myself from think the reason for it is maybe due to generational curse. 
There is this Yemeni merchant men in Barentu where I grow up, he is well known business men everyone knows him in Barentu his name is Baduwes. He said this regarding Kunama people ‘he says if you mistreated a Kunama person mostly they Kunama will not seek revenge but they will say (Anna entina) meaning God will see you. Therefore he said once you get that curse then you are in trouble.

Mona Andreas (July 09, 2019)


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