The Kunama is a minority ethnic-group living in the western part of Eritrea.This page exposes the unjust and discriminatory activities of the Eritrean government. It also participates in the political dialogues in Eritrea.

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All the forces waging wars of „Genocide” against the Kunama people ,aim at disrupting and destroying the Kunama people’s traditional “ethnic identification marks,” their “egalitarian social system” and their traditional system of “commonly owning and administering their native and ancestral land”:





Evaluating the content and the quality of his report, Mr. Mengesteab Girmay assesses it: 
“I am giving a condensed part of the vast. From the 12 men selected for propaganda consumption, the former four, Anday Aroro, Yemane Meremma, Abdullahi Mario, and Selemun Sahle were brought in the Eri TV screen and the whole drama is presented by a journalist Gebremeskel Gerezgiher.” 
Though there has not been any either positive or negative reaction, from the Kunama people who may have, not only watched the “propaganda”program, but also did personally knew those individuals, surely the rest of the “Eri TV” viewers must have taken the program at its face-value, believed it and discarded those Kunama as betrayers of their own country and people. The main idea conceived by the PFDJ regime’s “Minister of Information, Al-Said Ali Abdu,” together with his close collaborators however, was to spread the false information that those Kunama individuals in particular and the Kunama people in general are “anti” PFDJ’s regime, “anti” Eritrea, “anti” Eritrean people and, as always and falsely sustained and accused, “siding“ with the Ethiopian government. 
Due to the continuous oppression, persecution, detention, imprisonment killings and all kinds of injustices, exercised upon them, the Kunama people are surely and very “anti” PFDJ’ regime, but they have never been “anti” either Eritrea or Eritrean people. As stated over and over again, partly because of living in a land geographical distant from the main centre of the Eritrean politics and political affairs, and partly because of their natural attitude and tendency not to bother about other people’s affairs, but only attend to their own ethnic and territorial affairs and to their peaceful life-style, the majority of the Kunama people had never known, let alone being members either of “Andinnet/Union” or of the “independent”movements and therefore they cannot be accused of “siding” either with Ethiopia or with any other movement, until the Eritrean Liberation Movement, started in the 1960s, included many Kunama and the Kunama Liberation Movement, started in the 1990s, awoke their awareness and determination to struggle for their own ethnic, cultural, territorial and economic rights.. The “propaganda” scenery conjured out by Ali Abdu and by his aids, and played out in the “Eri-TV” was just a farce, to deceive its viewers and denigrate the Kunama people, thus to justify and cover-up their criminal acts of “poisoning, muss-murdering and mass-burying” those Kunama prisoners. 
It is only thank to the just and humane intervention of Mr. Mengesteab Girmay that the whole “drama” has been foiled and the criminals like Ali Abdu, Omer Hassan Tewil, Mustafa Nurhussein, Philipos W/Yohannes and their companions have been identified as the major planners and executioners of the “ethnic-cleansing killings” of the members of the Kunama people and of the Kunama race. Why had Ali Abdu, finally allowed those four (4) and their remaining eight (8) Kunama individuals to be anyway “poisoned, killed and buried,” although they had helped him to achieve his “propaganda” aims, if his intentions had not been much deeper and far beyond than only using them for propaganda purposes? He and his aids involved in that criminal fiction and in its execution, have better recon with the Kunama people and be prepared to face either the Kunama people’s traditional justice system or appear before the international courts of justice. “Ethnic-cleansing” crimes call for unpredictable retaliatory actions, often going beyond those individuals committing them. 
Rapping up his very well-thought out and well documented report, Mr. Mengesteab Girmay explains: 
“at the final analysis, the government of Eritrea being accountable for the mass-killing and genocide, those who are responsible for organising such horrific plans of atrocities are: 
1.- Major General Omer Hassan Tewil, commander of the third operational zone, 
2.- Major Tekleberhan Hagos, (Weddiayney) staff member of the third operational zone, 
3.- Captain Kibrom Seyoum Tsaada Guna, head of the counter intelligenceintelligence unit of the third operational zone, and, 
4.- Major Bereket Weldegebriel (qewhi) staff intelligence unit of the 25th regiment.” 
Translated by: EDA, English unit. 
It is not without a deep understanding and conviction that Mr. Mengesteab Girmay, does directly refer to the “government of Eritrea” as “being accountable for the mass-killing and genocide” of the Kunama ethic-group’s members, because, having he himself been an ex-member of the regime’s “counter intelligence unit,” and had therefore very closely followed and become very knowledgeable of the system, and of the PFDJ regime’s plans, intentions, actions and activities and its final aims on the destiny of the Kunama ethnic-group’s members and of their race. It is not casually that this gentleman has eventually come out in the daylight to accuse his own government of “GENOCIDE.” The man is very clear in his message and such message, which we Kunama do consider and retain as one of the most precious pieces of evidence, serving us to recollect and keep account of all our so far disappeared fellow-ethnic-group’s members. 
Mr. Mengesteab Girmay had followed, seen and understood it all, before taking his final decision to come out and ravel the hidden plans the regime has been plotting out against the Kunama race. We Kunama do very sincerely thank him and will always be very grateful to him for his firm stand for justice and for the ethnic and human rights of the Eritrean people and for the innocent Kunama ethnicity and its race. 
The “fiction,” which had been worked out by Ali Abdu for his own “propaganda purposes,” and turned into a “drama” for those poor Kunama prisoners, at the hands of its actors, was just the crowning of a long and of a very carefully planned, meticulously calculated and expeditiously carried out ethnic-based killing. The criminals listed above, though only the latest executioners of that horrific plot, and therefore they too carry their own level and degree of responsibility, other criminals like, Mj. General Philipos W/Yohannes and the ex-administrator Mustafa Nurhussein, as the prime initiators of the ethnic-based crimes against the Kunama people in the Kunama land, and the PFDJ’s regime, as the supreme authority which, for unexplainable reasons, has always “nurtured grudges” against and repetitively conducted retaliatory operations, upon the Kunama people and on their race, do, not only carry the full responsibility of their own actions, but they are requested to immediately stop all their on-going crimes against the Kunama people, release all the Kunama prisoners from all of their jails around the country and be warned that, from now on, any kind of detention, of jailing, of killing and of persecution, waged against the Kunama ethnic-group’s members is and will be taken, interpreted and presented as racially motivated and based on trying to wipe-out the Kunama people from their native and ancestral land. 
There are also on-going studies that other types of ethnic-cleansing means and techniques are being used by the regime’s various forces against the Kunama people. Some regime’s doctors, for instance, are reported to have used and are using pills, injections and other methods to try to sterilise the Kunama women, very well knowing that, based on the Kunama matriarchal social system, the Kunama genealogy, ethnicity, ethnic and kinship identities are transmitted and retained only by the Kunama mothers, giving birth to Kunama children as the future generation of the Kunama ethnicity and society. This is the worst kind of “ethnic-cleansing” method and measure the PFDJ’s regime has come out with and taking in order to kill the Kunama race at its basic and infant root. From now on, any Kunama woman rendered unable to give birth to a child, following her treatment by the regime’s doctors, will be considered as one used, by the regime’s medical institutions, to continue their ethnic-cleansing activities against the Kunama people. 
Another already proven method of killing the Kunama people, being used by the regime’s medical staff in their hospitals and clinics, is not to let any Kunama come out of them live, after being admitted or treated there. There are ample examples of this, patent case being that of the late Dr. Alexander Nati, mysteriously declared dead as soon as he had been admitted to hospital in Asmara. His case has not been laid to rest yet. 
Similarly, the cases of those Kunama prisoners, “poisoned, murdered and buried in a mass-grave” has not yet and will not be laid to rest, until their perpetrators have been brought to courts of justice and due justice has been rendered to them. No criminal has ever lived eternally. 
The VKP/KAM: December 11, 2008.)




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