The Kunama is a minority ethnic-group living in the western part of Eritrea.This page exposes the unjust and discriminatory activities of the Eritrean government. It also participates in the political dialogues in Eritrea.

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All the forces waging wars of „Genocide” against the Kunama people ,aim at disrupting and destroying the Kunama people’s traditional “ethnic identification marks,” their “egalitarian social system” and their traditional system of “commonly owning and administering their native and ancestral land”:





Very straightforward and very consequential in laying out the details of his report, Mr. Mengesteab Girmay, recalls:

“in one occasion after the Genocide Mr. Ali Abdu was looking for the Victims for another propaganda mission but Kibrom Seyoum told him that they have gone. I was with Kibrom while the two giants were talking over the mobile cell phone. Ali Abdu has expressed his dissatisfaction and regret by the measures taken so swift.”

In one of our previous comments, we had stated that “ALI ABDU” is the “MASTERMEINDER” of the whole operation of the “poisoning, killing and mass-burying” of those Kunama prisoners, as well as one of the major architects, together with his own co-religious and co-ethnic-group’s members, Mustafa Nurhussein and Omer Hassan Tewil, in the ethnic-cleansing activities, so far carried out and are being carried out, against the Kunama people and race, by the present PFDJ’s regime.

The fact that, as it is reported, “Ali Abdu has expressed his dissatisfaction and regret by the measures taken so swift,” was not because he had felt pity for those Kunama prisoners in particular or for the Kunama people and their race in general, but simply because his propaganda material had been exhausted “by the measures taken so swift.” If this had not been the case, he would not have been “looking for the Victims for another propaganda mission.”

We find it highly significant that, either Mr. Mengesteab Girmay himself or the translator/translators of his report, spelt “Genocide and Victims,” with capital “G and V.” It is in fact our firm stand that, no matter how some non-Kunama fellow-Eritreans, may have looked at, analysed and stated that the continuous injustices, persecutions and the criminalities, being committed upon and against the Kunama people, including the “poisoning and killing” of those Kunama prisoners, do not sum up to the level and degree of “Genocide” or “Ethnic-Cleansing,” we and our fellow-Kunama people, basing our conviction on our past history, characterised by oppression, plights and sufferings, at the hands of non-Kunama rulers in the Kunama land, do fully agree with and give right to Mr. Mengesteab Girmay, and express our strongest support that the cases of his report do, not only and really, sum-up-to, but even surpass the level and the degree of “Genocide and Ethnic-Cleansing.”

The term “Victims,” in capital “V,” implies that the Kunama are simply “innocent Victims” of a force which, not finding any other motive, uses “made-up propaganda” to “ethnic-cleans” an entire folk-group and race.

Another use of a word by Mr. Mengesteab Girmay, which calls for our attention is his definition of “Kibrom Seyoum and Ali Abdu” as “the two giants,” meaning that those two individuals were the major players in that criminal mission. As such they are also “the two giant culprits.”

Continuing his report, Mr. Mengesteab Girmay points out:

“as usual when I was preparing reports of 3, 6 month and of year to the third operational zone and Ministry of Defence, I have reported that 28 prisoners were executed”.

We very cordially thank Mr. Mengesteab Girmay, for providing us such an official and important document which, no matter where and how it may or will end up, will be a living record and a piece of irrefutable evidence of a crime committed upon innocent individuals. The present PFDJ regime’s “Ministry of Defence”, now led by “General Sebhat Efrem,” is hold and will be held responsible for that recorded document and for its whereabouts, in the future. No word of any type of reaction, has been heard by that ministry, regarding those prisoners and their executioners.

“One day when we went to Mai Dima with a member of the intelligence unit who has took part in that massacre, the guy has asked me if I know that graveyard hinting me through a body language and when I said “yes” he nodded at me with a grief of any one can read from his face. The exact place of the graveyard is located inside the prison premises of regiment 25 intelligence unit in Mai Dima. It is around mountain Berakit on the way to Obal.”

Though, for his own reasons, Mr. Mengesteab Girmay does not specifically name that “member of the intelligence unit who had taken part in that massacre,” he surely knows, who that person was and even understood whether his “nodding with a grief” had been a really sign of condemnation of and regret for that for “that massacre” or just a simulation to forget it. We Kunama would very much like to meet that person, hear his side of the story and even be another eye-witness.

It is extremely important that the “place of the graveyard” has been precisely localised so that, one day, the family-members and the relatives of those fallen “Victims,” and the Kunama people will be able to regard and preserve that place as the resting-place of their innocent fellow-ethnic-group’s members and martyrs. “Mountain Berakit” will tell the whole story of those prisoners who “unfortunately had dug their own permanent home without their knowledge.” (Mengeateab Girmay.)

“Profile of the poisoned and killed”

Under this sub-title, Mr. Mengesteab Girmay, recounted that “both, Tesfay Shuli and Gebremariam Dudu are ex-fighters of EPLF captured at the Barentu battle of 1985 during the Dergue regime and sentenced life long in Addis Ababa, discharged together with the political and war prisoners at the independence time.”

The PFDJ’s regime does neither recognise nor have pity even on its own ex-freedom-fighters who had been “captured and released” by its own enemies. It is paradoxical that, regarding its own ex-combatants and citizens, the PFDJ regime’s own enemies are more compassionate and humane than itself. It is well-known and well-proven that, concerning the Kunama people, this regime reserves deep-rooted grudges and evil-plans.

“Kiros Beyene and Badumme Gufle are maternal brothers.”

What a futile loss for their family members and relatives!

“Andebirhan Gebremichael is Tigrinya speaker, Tsibuq Girat of Mulqi sub zone is his birth place. He was hired as a field guard in Faulina with a Kunama espouse.”

This prisoner, to our view, was killed simply because he had married a Kunama woman and not killed based on racial hatred.

“Hagos Shadda Boron is killed for the very reason that he had a son called Abbu Hagos who joined the liberation struggle and his family are in Addi Quala.

“Shuli Frute is killed because he has a brother called Bibi Frute who joined the Kunama movement.

Anday Aroro is killed because he has a maternal brother called Manna Maku who joined the Kunama movement.

Galla Tabbe Fakki is killed because he has a son called Danga who is a member of the Kunama movement.”

The cases of these Kunama prisoners, poisoned and killed, undoubtedly proves our convictions that all the Kunama people, detained, imprisoned and killed and those still languishing in Addi-Quala’s high prison and in other regime’s prisons in the country, are parts of the regime’s clear and on-going ethnic-cleansing activities against the Kunama people and against their race. If this were not the case, the PFDJ’s regime would and should be detaining, imprisoning and killing all the family-members and relatives of all those Eritrean ethnic-groups who have joined and are active in the Eritrean thirteen (13) and more opposition political and civic organisations. Let alone the families, the family-members and relatives of the ordinary members of the opposition, but even those of opposition organisations’ leaders like, Mesfun Hagos, Weldeyesus Ammar, Adhanom Gebremariam, Abdella Adam, Hassan Kalifa, Tewelde Gebresillasie, Abdella Idris and of many others are being left live peacefully and move freely in the whole of Eritrea. Why are therefore only the families, the family-members and the relatives of the Kunama “who have joined the liberation struggle” being hunted and gunned down or detained, imprisoned, poisoned, killed and buried in mass-graves?

Mr. Mengesteab Girmay continues:

“those whom I left languishing behind the bar:-

Kenna Tonki is sentenced 15 years for the sheer reason that his son Kuba is a member of the Kunama movement and is languishing in Addi Kuala.

Kalli Sabbot of Tolegamuja is sentenced 8 years for his son Dergi is member of the Kunama movement.

Tokko Abbadar along her baby and a resident of Boshoka is sentenced 10 years for her husband Sabab Bashay is member of the Kunama movement.

Asha Abdot, a resident of Boshoka is sentenced a year for she had a child from Woldemichael Lili, a member of the Kunama movement.”

To indiscriminately detain, imprison and sentence men, women and children “for 15, 8 and 10 years,” in a “high prison,” like Addi-Kuala, is not only unheard of, but illegal and a criminal act in itself, as none of those subjects committed any sort of crime, apart from simply being the innocent family members of an organisation struggling for the legitimate rights of its own people. To jail and sentence mothers with their infants is a clear violation of human and children’s rights. It is a crime the international court of justice should take notice of and it will.

“Mehari weddi Mentor is a member from Tigrinya speaking ethnic-group and married Gennet Mario, a lady from Kunama nationality has a vast arable land in Boshoka. He was interrogated severely for the very reason that he had married a Kunama lady and suspected him as a sympathetic towards the Kunama and was released after three months with a strong warning.”

This is another proof of a very clearly applied discriminatory system, hatred and high level of chauvinism, openly displayed by those regime’s military and civilian personnel involved in their “ethnic-cleansing” activities against the members of the Kunama race. It is well-known to the regime as well as to all its subjects that, according to the Kunama matriarchal, traditional genealogical and kinship system, any child born to a Kunama woman, automatically belongs to the Kunama ethnic-group and race.

Any Tigrian or any other non-Kunama, man marrying or just having a child from a Kunama woman is considered as “sympathetic to” and co-operating in the multiplication of the members of the Kunama race and therefore “Mehari weddi Mentor” had been detained, interrogated, “severely warned and released,” but no killed, because of not being a Kunama. “Ethnic-cleansing” wars are not and cannot be waged, by the PFDJ’s regime, against the Tigrians and other members of the Eritrean ethnic-groups, but only against the Kunama. That is this regime’s legacy.

(It continues in Part Six.)

VKP/KAM: (November 30, 2008.)

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