The Kunama is a minority ethnic-group living in the western part of Eritrea.This page exposes the unjust and discriminatory activities of the Eritrean government. It also participates in the political dialogues in Eritrea.

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All the forces waging wars of „Genocide” against the Kunama people ,aim at disrupting and destroying the Kunama people’s traditional “ethnic identification marks,” their “egalitarian social system” and their traditional system of “commonly owning and administering their native and ancestral land”:





Very straightforward and very consequential in laying out the details of his report, Mr. Mengesteab Girmay, recalls:

“in one occasion after the Genocide Mr. Ali Abdu was looking for the Victims for another propaganda mission but Kibrom Seyoum told him that they have gone. I was with Kibrom while the two giants were talking over the mobile cell phone. Ali Abdu has expressed his dissatisfaction and regret by the measures taken so swift.”

In one of our previous comments, we had stated that “ALI ABDU” is the “MASTERMEINDER” of the whole operation of the “poisoning, killing and mass-burying” of those Kunama prisoners, as well as one of the major architects, together with his own co-religious and co-ethnic-group’s members, Mustafa Nurhussein and Omer Hassan Tewil, in the ethnic-cleansing activities, so far carried out and are being carried out, against the Kunama people and race, by the present PFDJ’s regime.

The fact that, as it is reported, “Ali Abdu has expressed his dissatisfaction and regret by the measures taken so swift,” was not because he had felt pity for those Kunama prisoners in particular or for the Kunama people and their race in general, but simply because his propaganda material had been exhausted “by the measures taken so swift.” If this had not been the case, he would not have been “looking for the Victims for another propaganda mission.”

We find it highly significant that, either Mr. Mengesteab Girmay himself or the translator/translators of his report, spelt “Genocide and Victims,” with capital “G and V.” It is in fact our firm stand that, no matter how some non-Kunama fellow-Eritreans, may have looked at, analysed and stated that the continuous injustices, persecutions and the criminalities, being committed upon and against the Kunama people, including the “poisoning and killing” of those Kunama prisoners, do not sum up to the level and degree of “Genocide” or “Ethnic-Cleansing,” we and our fellow-Kunama people, basing our conviction on our past history, characterised by oppression, plights and sufferings, at the hands of non-Kunama rulers in the Kunama land, do fully agree with and give right to Mr. Mengesteab Girmay, and express our strongest support that the cases of his report do, not only and really, sum-up-to, but even surpass the level and the degree of “Genocide and Ethnic-Cleansing.” The term “Victims” implies that the Kunama are simply “innocent Victims.”

Another word used by Mr. Mengesteab Girmay, which calls for our attention is his definition of Kibrom Seyoum and Ali Abdu as “the two giants,” meaning that those two individuals were the major players in that criminal mission.

The VKP/KAM November 26, 2008

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